A downloadable game for Windows

This is a roguelike I began making for Games Made Quick 2017 gamejam. 

Game devlog (+ other stuff): https://aksdevblog.tumblr.com/

It has the base ready and it's rather playable, however I would appreaciate every bugreport and comment, critique etc you have. Just remember that it's WORK IN PROGRESS.

This is one of these games I will keep updating whenever I feel like it, and I will try to make this as fun and cool as possible.

The game is still lacking more enemies, items, dungeon types and custom tileset that I will draw myself. I didn't have the time for that during this jam, but I will do it later.

I hope someone likes it, and I will make a nice old-school-ish manual to go with it in future, where I detail more of the lore of the game and have more detailed insight into the player races, enemies and classes. I will also try to add pictures.


  • Arrow keys to move
  • I opens inventory for using items
  • D opens inventory for dropping items
  • G picks up items
  • Z climbs down stairs

The readme.txt file has more info about keys and some basic stuff. No mouse needed. 

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the main.exe file. Also read the readme.txt for info.


Darne090.zip - Partial graphical tile support! (2 MB)

Development log