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Endless Arena is a mysterious place full of AngryGuys™ who really want to kill you. They will keep spawning, forever and forever, and the more you kill them, the faster they spawn. How long can you survive?

I have updated the game to version 2.5, where enemies shoot projectiles instead of hitscan, rocket launcher damage radius is bigger and hud flashes when the player is hit. Enemies only fire at you if you're in their line of sight, too. There's also background music made by my friend Lotus!

I doubt I will update this game further, since I'm making another FPS with bigger levels and that sort of thing. This game provides a base for that game however and I'm gonna use some of the same mechanics. You could think this is sort of demo, but not quite.

Originally I made this game for Alakajam 3 gamejam and it took me around ~36h. The theme was "Always growing." I wondered how I could make this work in FPS, so I just kept it simple: The number of enemies keeps growing and growing! If you want to play this version of the game, download the old "Gamejam edition."

Hopefully you'll like it!

Also, if you like the game and/or have any feedback, join my Discord server! https://discord.gg/PZkYZRx

How to play:

WASD -moving

Scroll wheel or number keys 1 2 3 -Switch weapon

Mouse -look and shoot

Space -jump

Ctrl -crouch

Alt+f4 -quit game

Run around the map collecting pickups and avoid going too close to the enemies, or they'll shoot you. 

The game has bunnyhopping and walljumping: You have to jump the moment you hit the ground to gain more speed. There's no upper cap, so you can go super fast, and the enemies can't hit you that well if you go faster. Walljumping works by going against wall and jumping in air. You can walljump three times before falling down.

Protip: Bunnyhopping makes the bullets easier to dodge!

Every ten kills you get, the spawning rate gets faster. The fastest it can get is spawning a new enemy every 0,5 seconds. It should get chaotic rather quick!

Install instructions

Unzip and play, press alt f4 to quit


EndlessArenav2.5.zip 23 MB
(Old!!) EndlessArenaGame GAMEJAM EDITION 19 MB

Development log


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Thank you for your comment! :D If you have tried the hotfix version (2.1), machine gun has faster firerate, making it more useful.

Like you probably know, this game was made for a gamejam in around 36h or so. However, it provided me a very nice base that I can build my next FPS on (that has been under works for over a year now, life keeps getting in the way). It's called Ironscale and will be more cyberpunk themed, however I will keep the bunnyhopping/walljumping and all that stuff, because I like fast paced games. 

I have no idea how long it'll take for me to do, but I will definitely be informing about it everywhere I can when it's done. Can't say it's anytime soon, tho.. :'D

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Hey, I have updated the game (yet again) to version 2.5. There was a bug that player couldn't shoot through dead enemies, which has been fixed. Enemies also have a line of sight so they wont fire endlessly unless they can see the player. Oh, and the rifle is even better now, but still not too OP compared to other weapons.


I am terrible at FPS but I liked the art style and I didn't live enough to really "feel" the growing mechanic. This is not your issue though, it is mine :)
the movement felt great, I also died a lot and was bad so I can confirm you made a good FPS

Watch Get Played | Alakajam! 3 Part 1 from Tiger_J on www.twitch.tv

Already replied to you on Alakajam page, but thank you for trying my game!! :D

Hey there again! I have updated the game a bit over last few days, so I would like to hear your opinion on it again. No need to stream it or anything if you don't want to, but I would like to know if you find it more playable now.