You wake up to someone laughing outside. It's a warm, "ho ho ho!" kind of laugh. You walk outside of your cabin and notice there's presents scattered everywhere. Someone wishes you happy holidays!

Holiday Present Hunt is a small game where you walk around a wintery forest, looking for presents. You have to collect 15 presents to win the game.

Present spawns are always random so if you want to play again, the experience should be slightly different!


  • WASD: Movement
  • Space: Jump
  • Mouse: Look around

Presents are picked up by simply walking into them.

Have fun!

I made this game for fun in about a day. I just wanted to create something simple for people to play while waiting for holidays. :) Consider it as a little holiday gift!


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good relaxing game


Nice - I've been expecting any moment the sky to turn dark and horror to set in. I've been playing too many ps1style horror games lately ^^


Ha! I feel ya :D