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Ironscale is an old-school styled FPS, where you play as Ironscale, a cyborg anthro lizard-dude. Your mission is simple: Clean up the city from all the corporate scum.

In this demo edition, all you have to do is survive as long as you can and kill as many enemies as possible.

You have seven weapons at your disposal, from your bare claws to laser rifle and shotgun. Besides shooting the enemies, it's very important to stay on the move aswell. Ironscale can go faster by bunnyhopping (jump the moment you hit the ground) and he can reach difficult to reach places by walljumping (jump near a wall). Use these movement techniques to stay alive.

Default controls:

  • WASD - move
  • Mouse - Look around
  • Mouse1 - Fire
  • Mouse2 - Zoom
  • Space - Jump/Walljump
  • C - crouch
  • 1-7 or Scrollwheel - select weapon

Controls can be changed in the launcher window by selecting the Input -tab. I hope to make this ingame feature at some point, but at the moment I didn't have time.

If you like the game, let me know! If enough people like the game, I will surely make the campaign for it! However, it may take time, due to me being busy with university stuff. Any feedback is welcome! Just know that I'm more a programmer than artist.. :'D

Have fun shooting and jumping!

Known issues (just so you don't have to report these if you encounter them!):

  • Enemies don't sometimes see you when in specific spots (AI can be a bit weird in this game in general, sorry, I'm still learning about that)
  • Crouching between the boxes on top of the factory can throw player outside the map (collider issue, I think)
  • You can crouch and move inside one of the containers
  • Using scrollwheel to change weapons can sometimes be a lil buggy
  • Selecting a weapon that the player doesn't have yet with number keys shows the ammo of the weapon
  • Game may be too easy

I don't know if I have the time to fix and update the demo, but I will take all the bugs and other feedback into account if/when I start making the full version. Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback!


Ironscale_Demo.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

Unzip, play. To change controls, use the unitys input thing in the launcher.

Development log


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I don't know if you still have plans to continue this project, but I just wanted to say I downloaded it today and definitely had a good time! I really liked the atmosphere of the game along with the arena shooteresque movement. I'd love to see a fleshed out campaign for it in the future. I just checked out your more recent game, Penance, also, and I look forward to supporting your future games! 


Thank you! There's definitely plans, however for those plans I need to assemble a team, money, the usual.. So it's kind of out of my hands at the moment. I can't promise anything but I really hope to make Ironscale reach it's full potential one day.


I completely understand! The financial side of things can get extremely complicated. I'm excited to try out your future projects! Best of luck!


I also like it! More enemy types are a great idea! I like that you are using slow projectiles rather than hitscan weapons for your enemys. Cool stuff!

Yay thank you! :D


Pretty fun, but very basic.

Movement feels good, except for the wall jump which feels inconsistent. Maybe make it push you away from the wall?

If enemies had more complex behavior (or just different behavior, doom style) the game would be more interesting.

Overall, pretty fun. I like it


Thank you for the feedback! There will be more enemy types in the full version, such as flying enemies etc. This quick demo was made in around ~100h or so, so I didn't have much time to implement more enemies.

And yes, the walljumping is still a lil bit off, I'll have to see what I can do about it.