Thank you for the downloads!

Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded and played Ironscale! I've received positive feedback and some critique, which has been taken into account for the future release. Yeah, I'll make the campaign, when I'm ready.

However, Ironscale development will pause for now. I'm still busy with university and I have to look for a job, so I simply don't have enough proper development time I would like to dedicate to this game. When I make the campaign, I want to make it right.

That doesn't mean that I will completely stop in gamedev front. This is my hobby and I love doing it. Thus, I'm starting another project, a bit smaller in scope: Procedurally generated dungeon crawler thingamagig. Think Crypt of Darne, but 3D.

What does that mean for Ironscale? Well, I can use things I've learned from that dungeon crawler when developing the campaign for Ironscale. For example, I'm planning to make flying enemies and such for the dungeon crawler, so I can use the codebase from that for Ironscale.

I feel like I need to learn more before making Ironscale campaign. So I will use this other project for learning. And then I'll come back to Ironscale and hopefully can make it better. Also I don't want to risk me burning out.

However, keep giving me feedback about Ironscale! I love all the feedback, positive or negative (just don't be rude), and will use it to make my games better.

Thank you so much for playing Ironscale, and I hope you all have great day! <3

PS. In case you're curious, we're at 150 downloads now :D That is INCREDIBLE. In just two days I got +100 downloads, and now it's stabilizing. Compared to Crypt of Darne, it got 100 downloads in course of a year, so that's MASSIVE.

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