Update incoming

Thanks to all the feedback I've gotten, I'm working on a bigger update, that will introduce at least the following:

- Couple more modules to all levels. I aim to add at least two modules to every level. (Levels are Castle, Outside and Dungeon, modules are the pieces these levels are made of.)

- Compass, that shows the player which direction they are looking at. This will hopefully help you to navigate through maps.

- Readable and collectible books! This was actually something I wanted to implement before release, and I had made a book reading system that is fully working. However, I didn't have any lorebooks written down yet. These books will be small, short stories and notes, that will add some extra flavor to the game.

The books are also collectible, and there will be separate menu in main menu, where you can read them. The books will be saved the moment you collect one, so even if your character dies, you still can read all the books they collected.

- Balance fixes n stuff. I try to tweak the game to be a little bit more fair to the player, such as everyone gets boost in melee damage.

I don't know exactly when this update will be out, I can't promise anything, but I will try to work on it as much as possible in the coming two months.

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