Castle Rodok final update!

Hello castle explorers! The last update of Castle Rodok is now here. Without further ado, changelogs:

  • 2 new modules to each level. This should make the levels look a bit more diverse, and perhaps a bit more challenging too!
  • Toned down level sizes, so they're not as massive as before.
  • Compass, that shows you the direction you are looking at. Should help to navigate the more complicated dungeons. This compass doesn't show you the exit or anything like that, though!
  • Melee damage boosted for player
  • Enemies do tiny bit less damage now
  • Enemies can't be constantly knocked, it's now random. Prevents stunlock tactics.
  • Readable books! In castle levels, there are bookshelves where you can read books. There are also readable notes, but they're more rare.
  • Some of the books are collectible, and will be saved to a library menu, where you can read them any time you want.
  • Tweaked the responsiviness of controls, hopefully they work a bit better now.
  • Chests and potions have higher chance of appearing to the world.
  • Some minor bug fixes and tweaks

And like I said, this is the last update for Castle Rodok. (Unless someone finds a completely gamebreaking bug). I am starting a new project, and will devote my time fully on that. I hope Castle Rodok will keep you entertained until I have something new to show and play!

As always, join my Discord to stay updated:

Have fun!


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Jul 03, 2019

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