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You're the Damned One, a reptilian Fallen Holy Warrior, seeking for Penance to atone for your sins against your kind. You have been given a task: Go through the gates of Hell and destroy all the sin you can see.

You start with your sword and pistol, and you will find more weapons in the corners of Hell.

Show them your Holy Fury, and only then you shall be redeemed.

Penance is an oldschool style FPS with a campaign mode with hand made levels, and an endless mode with procedurally generated levels covered in gritty retro graphics. You play as anthropomorphic lizard templar dude (look I like lizards okay).

The campaign mode features five (or six if you count the very first one) hand made levels, and a bossfight. 

The goal of the endless mode is simple: Cause enough carnage and earn points from each kill, collect keys each level to get through the portals, then show off your highscore to your friends.

The game has a Discord support, so people can see your score while playing and also which campaign level you are on. If you get high enough score, you will get the ending cutscene. Penance also has simple bunnyhopping that increases your speed, crouch-sliding and a rage mechanic, that when activated, gives you double damage to all weapons, except the sword does quadruple damage.

Default Controls:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • Left mouse button - Shoot
  • Right mouse button - Zoom
  • Scrollwheel and number keys - Change weapon
  • Q - Activate rage when yellow bar is 100

Controls should be able to be remapped from game launcher. 

I haven't tested controller with this game, it was created for mouse and keyboard in mind.

This game was simply made for fun, because it's something I felt like I wanted to play and I love oldschool style FPS games. It's probably not that difficult game for FPS players, but I am proud of this game and I find it fun and satisfying to play. Due to the overwhelming popularity I also made the campaign mode, which let me practice proper level design.

I used a lot of feedback I got from Ironscale and Castle Rodok to make this game, but also learned a lot of new things. I hope you have as much fun playing Penance as I had making it!

If you want to share your highscore with me, join my Discord server! Discord Link

Music was made by Fredrik Thrysoe: https://fredrikthrysoe.wordpress.com/

You can buy the soundtrack here: https://fredrikthrysoe.bandcamp.com/album/penance-originial-game-soundtrack

Voice acting for final boss and narrator: https://twitter.com/GetGianni


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I don't usually play these kinds of old-school FPSs', but I really enjoyed this one! 10/10 would play as a gun wielding lizard again.

Thanks, happy you liked it!


Pit of Pain was one of my absolute favorite levels in an FPS last year, and every so often i go back to the game just to replay it! Really loved the campaign mode, killer throwback shooter that has stayed in my memory. Sorry I don't have more detailed feedback!!


Thank you so much!!


I did not complete the game, so please bear this in mind when you read this:
Story/Lore: Like many old school shooters, the plot is fairly straightforward and exists pretty much to give context (read: an excuse) for why you're running around slaying monsters and demons. There are words written on walls in Latin- I don't know Latin very well, so if there is lore to be learned, it serves more as a genius bonus than any earnest attempt at telling a story, as far as I'm concerned.
-Note: The Dev has stated that the Latin does come directly from the Bible, which fits the overall aesthetic well.
Graphical Design: To say the game looks muddy is a bit of an understatement. While I understand the aesthetic the developer is going for, many older games, such as Doom, had to convey as much information to the player as possible without explicitly pointing it out. Between the textures and the draw distance, it can be difficult to really see enemies unless you're going slow and paying attention, which for a run-and-gun is a detriment.
-Note: The Dev has stated they are more of a programmer than an artist, so it is within acceptable personal bounds for what is essentially a learner project.
Weaponry: The weapons honestly feel like they're lacking in various ways. You have a sword, a pistol, a shotgun, a tommy gun, a crossbow, and a grenade launcher (that I was able to acquire). You start with a sword and pistol, and will always start with one if you die. The sword swings quick, but it takes a few seconds for you to 'recover' before you can swing again. It is very much an emergency weapon. The pistol is a solid starter, decent ammo capacity, and with the zoom function, it will carry you when all other weapons are out of ammo. The shotgun is best used for close-quarters combat, but is terrible at long range, with a decent ammo capacity, there isn't really much more to be said. The thompson is a god tier weapon, with a good ammo capacity and fire rate, and will rinse through most enemies within five to seven bullets, depending on the enemy. The crossbow is a much slower weapon with, from what I could tell, a piercing effect. On the low end of the ammo cap, but well-balanced for its damage output. Very good when enemies are lined up. The grenade launcher, however, is a nightmare to use. It fires upward, which if you're aiming at an enemy means it's likely to go over them. In the short time I was able to use it, I missed every shot while getting my health drained by what looked like a soldier enemy, even when aiming down to accommodate this idiosyncrasy. Overall, the weapon design is solid and does its job fairly well.
Sound Design: While the soundtrack is good, between it and the muddy-sounding enemies, it can get disorienting trying to pinpoint what enemies you're facing. The idea of having consistent enemy noises to give you a hint as to what is around a corner is inspired, but the effect is lost due to a mixture of it being drowned out by the soundtrack and the overall sound quality. With some volume balancing, this issue can be resolved.
Level Design: The level design is fairly solid, despite looking muddy and samey at times, it's not easy to get lost in spite of a lack of distinct landmarks. (There are some, but they are fairly rare.) The first level has platforming that is very lenient, which is good considering a fall into the void is instant death.
Enemy Design: I have to say, the enemy design is very good and varied. Each enemy is distinct enough that you know what you're dealing with. Though every enemy goes down with a handful of shots, regardless of your weapon, each one does pose a threat. Especially the Soldiers, who will drain your health if you give them a chance. All of the enemies are fast, so kill them before they can kill you.
Gameplay: Though I haven't seen any explicit statement of the game being a run and gun, the overall design lends credence to the thought that you're meant to run around and blast enemies. However, I ended up playing the game more like a tactical shooter, zooming in on enemies and picking them off one by one. The run-and-gun approach will lead to enemies hounding after you, which can lead to chases where you're running backward desperately trying to kill your pursuers. For whatever reason, I could not get Rage to activate, so I can't touch upon that, unfortunately.
-Note: This game does feature some instant death pits that will likely make you rage quit should you fall into them.
Endless Mode: From what I understand, this mode was what the game initially was, and for a procedurally generated mode, it is fairly solid, even taking the above into account.
Overall: Let's face it, you're not here for a deep, story-driven game. You're here to slaughter the forces of hell.You aren't going to get the best, immersive game, but you're are going to get a reasonably run romp with a punishing enough difficulty that you won't just breeze through it. For what is essentially a learner project, all of the above factors taken into account, and for the low, low price of basically free, you have nothing to lose playing this. I personally am excited to see what future games this developer will make, and honestly, I'm hoping they can revisit this concept with a larger (presuming they had one before) budget and with refined assets.
It is my opinion that it would be well worth it to support the dev, and while I don't think this game is worth much in terms of price, I do believe that if you do spend money on this, you're not just buying a game, you're helping an up-and-coming game developer.
Final Score: 7/10, for a good concept with solid gameplay and boundless potential.

Thank you for the detailed feedback! This will help me in future titles.


Love the game! I just have a few suggestions:

First of all, I found a pretty easily fixable issue about movement. It seems like the player's movement vectors aren't being normalized, resulting in the player moving faster when running diagonally and even faster than that when jumping at the same time. I was able to abuse this to just skip through the Pit of Pain level without firing a single shot or taking a single hit from an enemy. 

On the topic of the Pit of Pain level though, I found it to be rather unbalanced. Taking the left path from the start along the top (as I did) left me starved for ammo, and having to melee by the time I reached the bottom. Even when I used my shots as efficiently as possible (that is, only using the minimum number of shots per enemy) I still found myself critically low on ammo by that time. I think this could be fixed by making the level more linear, making it so the player can't take the left path and has to go to the right. While this might take away from the openness of it a little, I think it would improve gameplay as there are plenty of branches to the pit along the path to the right.

There are also some changes to the gameplay that I would like to suggest: 

First, I would make it so that when the player shoots one enemy, the ones around it are alerted as well. It's easy to play the game as a stealth shooter rather than a run-and-gun DOOM or Quake style game, picking enemies off one-by-one. 

Something else which I feel kind of slowed things down a bit was having to switch to a separate melee weapon. The sword felt a bit awkward as the only melee option, since it takes time to switch to it that could be spent shooting. I think that it would feel more natural if there was also something like a punch that you're able to perform while holding guns. It could deal low damage and be more focused on knockback (similar to Left 4 Dead), so that way there's something to fall back on if the player gets surrounded by enemies. Also, punching a demon to the ground before blowing its brains out with a shotgun is really satisfying!

I think the rage mechanic is a bit underutilized as well. I think that a system like that should feel as good as possible to play. Instead of just speeding the player's movement up, a solution could be to also increase the player's rate of fire. It could also lead to the player bringing out a chainsaw or something while giving a speed boost to annihilate enemies that stand in their way (but still be vulnerable to damage, especially from ranged weapons). I think that adding either of these would dramatically improve the rage mechanic.

Finally, I found the explosions to be a bit lackluster. The explosion radius is rather small, making it not as effective for large crowds as it could be. A solution to this (without making explosives overpowered) could be to have a "core" to the explosion as well as an outer boundary to it, kind of like a shockwave. The core could deal full damage, and the explosion could deal less damage the farther away from the core it is until it finally drops to zero at the outer boundary. This would make it so that shooting a pipe bomb into a crowd feels more effective, even if most of them don't drop dead on the spot. 


Regardless of the suggestions though, I had a great time playing this game, and can't wait to see more!


Thank you for the feedback! It'll help me with future titles.

Regarding this though:

It seems like the player's movement vectors aren't being normalized, resulting in the player moving faster when running diagonally and even faster than that when jumping at the same time.

This was intentional! :D I wanted to add some tricks for movement, such as the bhopping that makes player faster. I like fast movement paced FPS games myself so having these little things made the game more enjoyable to play to me.


This game is brilliant! Both Towers of Turmoil and Flesh of Forsaken are really strong levels in design. You are really onto something with this style of game. Please produce more stuff like this because this is solid.

Thank you so much for the kind words :)


My video on this baddass FSP horror game.

Is there a way to load your save?

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Sorry the game doesn't have saving or loading, aside from saving your settings. If you stopped in mid campaign and want to continue, just select the map where you were left off from the level select.


Very fun, fast paced Quake-like!

Thanks, happy you like it :)


Hey, the game feels and looks amazing! Enough challenge but also very rewarding. I got stuck with the pistol on 00/80 bullets... how do I reload?


Actually, nevermind, I just realized 80 is the maximum ammount, and not what I have in stock lol... by the way, the soundtrack is dope!


Yep, no reloading in this game :D Thank you!

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A really good twitch/Olympic-speed-running/heavy-metal shooter. A bit more Serious Sam than Quake or Doom, but I also like SS; running around wide rooms as dozens of enemies kite you and run face-first into your buckshot. And who doesn't like a fucking raptor gun-paladin?


Thank you! I've always believed world needs more reptiles with guns!


Awesome game!




This game is SICK!!!
Endless mode is a cherry on top


Why thank you! :'D

If you ever make a sequel a minimap or map would be nice
graphics and difficulty options would be welcome too

Is there any box art I can use it in my Steam library?

Yup, here you go!


This game is satisfyingly fast. Had a blast!

Thanks, glad to hear it!


Oh yeah I forgot to mention, really good sounds! Idk if the stuff was stock sound effects, but whatever you used was great!

Lots of it was from Sonniss free sound effect packs they release around GDC. Some of them were made by myself, for example rockets whooshing was literally just me blowing at the microphone lol.

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i liked the game heres some ideas:

1-difficulty options

2-save and load

3-graphics option

4-release it on steam

5-more weapons and monsters

6-more violent and bloody

Thanks for playing and feedback! If I ever make a sequel, it'll most likely be on Steam and have all those things you asked for. :) (But that's a big if lol I got so many projects so little time)

i have some questions for you

1-it will be free on steam?

2-it will have achievements?

3-the part 2 will be free?

Can't say for sure about 1 and 3, probably not free, but achievements would be a thing.

Again, I'm not currently planning any sequels, I'm working on other projects + job.


I would prefer if this game had some difficulty options. I'm not really a "hardcore gamer" so when I play old school fps games I usually start on easy mode, then as soon as I get used to the game I bump it up to hard. For example I start every doom on "I'm too young to die" (I know, sacrilege) then after a few hours of play I switch over to "ultra violence". This helps me not get tired or frustrated, while still getting a sense of accomplishment. Anyway... just some feedback, lot of potential here.


Sorry for late reply, but yes, if I were to make this into more robust bigger game, I would definitely add difficulty options. I too prefer to often play games on easy first, then go more difficult over time, so I totally get where you're coming from! Thanks for the feedback. :)


Had fun!  Haven't had time to play through the whole thing, yet.  I like that all the weapons are projectiles.  Just feels more satisfying to me than hitscan.  Unfortunately, it does have the problem that almost every Unity FPS game I've played does, where the mouse feels... laggy?  Not sure what it is, but something feels off when aiming.  Those enemies that have full auto weapons just MELT you -- a bit of a difficulty spike compared to everything else.  Not sure if that's good or bad, but it was a bit unexpected.


Thanks for the feedback! I personally haven't encountered the mouselag issue, but I'll keep it in mind in future projects. And yes the rifle demon lizzies are pretty difficult, because I felt otherwise the game would be too easy haha :D Glad you had fun anyways!

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Not nearly as good as Dusk but still very fun to play for a short moment. Also I want to mention that I haven't enough ammo in the last level of the game (Blood Dragon, in my case around 10% left until empty ammo) although I used all the ammo just for the boss and killing it with the sword is... very hard or maybe impossible without dying, I guess

Dusk is in way different league, I agree. :D Thanks for the feedback!


Fantastic game. Extremely talented dev team. Best of luck to your future projects, I'll be looking forward to more!

Thanks, glad you like it! I'm currently working on an RPG, it may take quite some time to finish however. (If it ever will be finished but let's hope I can do it :P )


great game, very fluid and simple but nice level of challenge. 

Thanks! :)


Will there be a Linux port?

Hi, thanks for reminding me! :'D I was about to make Linux port but I completely forgot (been looking for a job etc) and need to get myself some people to test it. However, one of my friends with Linux got the Windows version work through Steam Proton, so if you can't wait, you could try that.

I do want to make the native Linux port however and I may build it this weekend. No promises however, I can't promise it'll work as well as the Windows port.


Take your time. I'll be happy to test it for you when you're ready.

We will be here waiting :)


Reminds me a lot of dusk, but there's some stuff this does even better, great game.

Thanks, Dusk was and still is a big inspiration for me! Love that game.

i cant move my mouse, i play on mac, it just wont move when i play, also the cursor is way to big

Sorry to hear that :( Unfortunately I can't really do anything about it since I don't have a Mac for testing the game. For some it seems to work fine, for some not. 


Is good game :D


while i do really love the update i did enjoy the hard parts of the other post update, but alas i really do love this update it adds allot to the game, please contunie the game and maybe add a diffuculty selecter


This is surprisingly hard, melee opponents seem very deadly and it's not that easy to hit with the sword. Weird that strafing is slower than running forward / backward. Of course the rogue like nature would explain some of the difficulty, though the game immediately throw a wide variety of enemies at you, while others games would start with 2-3 and after each few levels introduce a new one.


The new version is much easier, mostly due to the sword being much better. It seemed that before your success depended a lot on if you could find more guns and enough ammo to not run out, but now it's much easier to use the sword and conserve ammo. I didn't find how to save, so that still made it reasonably challenging, especially with the deadly pits. Weakest point now would be the AI and how easy it is to abuse their detection area and pick them one by one. Overall not bad considering it's free.


This is a great game, I hope to see all the improvements you've made to your design filled into one full game one day. One that I'd happily buy. 


Thank you! It might not be Penance that will see all those improvements, but some other project of mine. We'll see! :)


Good game. Here's my review:

Thank you a lot for your review! :) 


This is the best procedurally generated FPS I have played. Unlike mamy other FPS featuring randomized maps, this game has fast combats and great gun feedbacks, which are most basic but important part of First person shooter. However there are some things need to be fixed.

- Buff the sword or give more ammo. The game is brutally hard with very sparse ammo but the sword is not powerful enough to compensate it. It especially need longer range.

- Need a map or an indicator to find exit. Sometimes It's really hard to find it.

- need at least 10 more presets for the map generation. Levels feel way too samely.

Thank you, great feedback and I agree with it. I'm not sure if I update this game further since I have other projects to do, but if I will I'll take this to consideration. :)

(1 edit)

I hope you update this game someday, this game can compete with some roguelite fps games on steam.

I have bought several roguelite FPS games on steam but they all have unsatisfying shooting and unwanted RPG grindings.

If I do, I'm sure to let anyone who follows me here and discord know! However right now I unfortunately don't really have time to devote more on this game :(

(3 edits) (+1)

After some more playing I came to the conclusion that It shouldn't give more ammo. With a wise of bunny hopping and sword, the ammo was always more than enough. I think the ammo supply is actually perfectly balanced.

I have found one fatal bug. In the map with two bloodbaths and multiple windows, I could get stuck in the window and never escape.

Now all this game need is a map and some more level variants, especially important landmarks like starting point, key, and portal rooms which only has 1 and 2 variants.

I have played your other games, but this one is the best.

Great feedback again, thank you! :) 


Really great game, its a lot of fun. How long did it take to develop?

Thanks! About 140h, give or take. :)


Nice, very impressive :)


Why do I think that this looks like or is similar to DUSK?


I Like It



I play a lot of indie games, sometimes I come across some bad ones, sometimes I find gold. This is solid gold, I loved every second of it. 

Thank you so much!!


Dope game.

"Ah damn I have to read?" :'D Thanks!


Lol. Thank you for developing a great game. You're the best.


Awesome game!! I can see that you were inspired by old doom games. I love these games. It's nice to see that these games still inspire new developers. I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw here is my video


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

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awesome Game dude!

Thank you! :)

(1 edit) (+3)

Nice visuals, mostly good sound, great music, decent gamefeel but very poor balancing for combat, ammo and procedural generation.

Worth a couple tries.

Edit: Balancing has been improved with an update.


hell yea 🤘