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Castle Rodok final update!
Hello castle explorers! The last update of Castle Rodok is now here. Without further ado, changelogs: 2 new modules to each level. This should make the levels l...
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Update incoming
Thanks to all the feedback I've gotten, I'm working on a bigger update, that will introduce at least the following: - Couple more modules to all levels. I aim t...
Thank you!
Thank you all for downloading and playing Castle Rodok. In one single day, the game reached 100 views and +25 downloads. That's HUGE for me, and I'm really grat...
Balance update!!
Yeah hi sorry about another update - Health potions give a bit more health now - Leveling up heals you a bit - Lore text in beginning has also default controls...
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Quick update for startup crash
Uhh nothing big the game just tried to check for Discord and crashed if it wasn't running. This is now fixed...
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